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First Allied Securities, Inc. 

Founded in 1994 as a privately held company, First Allied Securities, Inc. has been true to its vision of providing financial advisors with cutting edge technology, innovative products, and superior service. Its goal is to partner with financial advisors who represent the best in the industry, and; is increasingly recognized as a premier broker dealer for successful, independent financial advisors. For more information on First Allied Securities, Inc., please visit us at

First Allied Advisory Services, Inc. 

Acquired the assets of FFP Advisory Services, Inc. in January 2007 which was a firm that was originally founded in 1985 as a Registered Investment Advisor through which associated Advisor-Agents could provide fee-based planning services. Representatives are also allowed to take advantage of money management programs approved on the First Allied Advisory Services, Inc. platform. These programs are designed to decrease the risk of variable investments and/or potentially increase the rates of return using third-party money managers. An ADV Part II is available upon request, which covers these services in greater detail.